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Geisert’s Farm to You Market

The importance of eating local

There are a couple good reasons why consumers should make it a priority to eat local. First, it helps the local economy — eating local means the money you spend here stays here. It goes beyond the money you exchange at the cash register for the locally grown meats and vegetables — you help a whole community of local farmers and purveyors. For example, when a customer buys meat from the Farm to You market, the Geiserts aren’t the only ones making money. The local farmer who raised the meat is making money, because we bought it from him (if we didn’t raise it ourselves). The feed supplier makes money because the farmer bought locally grown and milled feed from a grower in the area. Because of this, the money spent at the market goes a lot farther than you might think. Your dollar can help employ dozens of people along the food chain — from the farmer and the farm hands, the meat processor, employees at the market where the food is sold, the feed grower and all the workers there — the list of people affected by keeping your money local goes on and on.
Secondly, you can be comfortable knowing where your food is coming from and the process it’s been through to get to your table. When you buy local food, the farmer is able to tell you its story. You’d be scared to know the process of growing and harvesting some of the food available from box stores. More and more customers are coming to us to shop because they want to know where their food is coming from. It doesn’t hurt that locally grown food tastes better, too.
The Geisert family has been raising animals on the same farm since 1916. All our animals are drug free and pasture raised, just the way everything that’s sold in the market is.