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Grilled or baked, sweet corn is tastiest fresh from the field

Sweet corn has a short season, but there is still a lot to know about this delicious vegetable.
Starting in mid-April, we head out to the field and begin planting a rotation of corn. Every week or so we plant a few more rows. That way we have fresh sweet corn throughout the entire summer.
At the end of June or the beginning of July, we head out to the field early in the morning to harvest the crop. This is the prime time to pick sweet corn because all the sugars are still present. The moment you pick an ear of sweet corn, its sugars start to change into starches.
In order to pick the perfect ear of corn, you must watch for when the silks begin turning brown and drying up. You can also feel an ear of corn to tell if it is ready to eat. If it’s rounded or blunt rather than pointed, then it is ready to cook up for dinner. You could also open the husk; however, once you open an immature ear, it’s susceptible to insect and bird attacks in the field and it is bound to rot faster. As a result, it is best to test the corn’s readiness with other measures first.
Once you get your corn home, there are many different ways to prepare it. For the grilling season, soak the corn in salted water, and with the husk still on, cook it right next to your brats or burgers. If you don’t want to go outside to cook, you can prepare the corn by baking it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. Whichever way it’s cooked, adding some butter and salt makes the corn even tastier.
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