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Fenton’s Fabick Nature Preserve to be developed

Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 1:50 pm

By Sandie Grassino
Nestled in the hills behind several subdivisions within the city limits of Fenton is a hidden treasure which is about to be discovered. Known as the Fabick Nature Preserve, the area has been known for years as the shortest distance between the west and east sides of Fenton, mostly to make their way to the community pool – first called “Green Acres” and then “Surfside Meadows.” Now this treasure is about to be developed to offer experiences to everyone in the community.
The first step of this process, a Public Input Session, was held on July 10 at RiverChase, conducted by Kristy DeGuire of DG2 Design. Following a PowerPoint presentation, the full-house audience was invited to browse the presentation boards, detailing various ideas for this project. Each audience member had been provided with two dots to mark their preferred uses for various segments of the project.
DeGuire said this “was a broad concept plan. The public voicing its opinion to improve and use their parks and access their park system is important.” A survey to learn the public’s opinion may be filled out and returned to Tom Diven by July 31. It can be emailed to Fabick Survey, c/o RiverChase of Fenton, 990 Horan, Fenton, MO 63026. Or, if by email, to parkdirector@fentonmo.org. Please note that it is a two-page survey.
DeGuire said a follow-up meeting will be offered soon, offering an updated concept plan.
Tom Diven, director of Fenton Parks and Recreation, said this came about as the result of a municipal parks grant that they applied for in October 2016. This is, he said, the first step to the broad plan of updating and revitalizing all the parks in the Fenton system. The goal is to make this (and, in the future, all of Fenton’s parks) safe, accessible (for both seniors and the disabled.), add restrooms, etc. Beyond “dressing it up,” Diven said he wants to be able to “maintain what we have.”
Among the items to be addressed are vehicular and pedestrian circulation, signage (including interpretive signage and wayfinding), maintenance and upkeep of the two lakes and pond buffer (to help clean and filter lakes).
Alderman Diane Bade, Board Liaison to the Park Board, said that “a structured design is necessary for the park.” She noted that in its current state, “it is not accessible to all – including children and seniors.” Both lakes, Preslar Lake and Fabick Lake,” she said, “are overgrown, and the area has no handicap access.”
DeGuire said that this “broad concept plan” could be adopted by the Board in whole, or in part, dependent on the funds available to take the parts from concept to reality.