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Fenton author releases second book in series

Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 2:25 pm

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Local licensed professional counselor and author has just published her second book in a series of Common Sense Guides. Tracy Chavey Schamburg has just published on Amazon “The Common Sense Guide to Landing on Your Feet.” This is a book for everyone that has ever faced a challenge, overwhelmed and unable to find solutions. The “Guide” provides readers with a concise, clear-cut manual to looking adversity in the eye with tenacity, determination, and resilience. “Landing on Your Feet” is a quick and effective read that offers practical skills that can be used immediately to help you get back on your feet and heading toward accomplishing your goals.
Schamburg’s first book in this series, “The Common Sense Guide to Repairing Your Marriage” is currently available as a digital book on Amazon, and soon to be paperback ready, as well. “Repairing Your Marriage” is reviewed with five stars.
Also available in a Kindle edition is Schamburg’s psychoeducational book, “Catie the Caterpillar: A Story to Help Break the Silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse.”
Tracy Chavey Schamburg, LPC, M. Ed, is a native Texan, earning both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from West Texas A&M University. Tracy lives in Fenton and has been in private practice in St. Louis area since 2003.