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Choosing your first RV can be overwhelming

The number of first-time RV buyers continues to grow. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that shipments are at the highest level in 40 years. Smaller motorhomes and travel trailers are leading the way. And those who started small in the last couple years are trading up to larger RVs with more space and features.
So many families are eager to buy a new RV, but it can be confusing with such a variety from which to choose. All RVs are not alike and neither are all RV dealers. Since many first-time buyer’s inexperience leads them to rely upon price and size to decide, some dealers focus only on entry-level, lower-cost RVs. The new buyers get their education in the campground and many wish they had shopped a bit more carefully.
Savvier first-time buyers can save a lot by checking out late-model RVs traded in at dealers who offer a more complete selection of vehicles. Byerly RV in Eureka always has a good selection of late-model trade ins. Some of them are like new and hardly used.
For almost 70 years Byerly RV has learned to shop hard to provide our customers the best value. Some competitors say we are more expensive. Not true. We didn’t grow to become one of the Midwest’s largest RV dealers by charging higher prices. In fact, we offer 15 models of new travel trailers for under $20,000. We shop for the best quality at the best price.
Byerly offers a dozen models of motorhomes from 23 foot to 40 foot. In fact, Byerly RV has been the largest Class A motorhome dealer in Missouri for years.
Local dealers are family owned and dedicated to our local customers. Buy Missouri and the money stays in Missouri. Check us out at www.byerlyrv.com.