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Scooter’s Scoop: Surviving the dog days of summer

Greetings my friends, welcome to the dog days of summer! Why do they call it the dog days of summer? I think it should be called Scooter FUN days! OK, so I got a little off topic.
As much fun as summer can be for you and your humans, there are a few safety tips that will hopefully make the dog days safe and carefree.
● Always wear sunscreen. If you are going to spend more than a few minutes outside and have light-colored skin and short hair have your owners get you a pet-safe sunscreen.
● When you are out for your daily walks, remember don’t walk on the asphalt — it’s hot!
● Drink plenty of water, and no, not from the toilet! All that fresh water that they leave out for you is what they prefer you to drink.
● Don’t beg to go on car rides unless your owner is coming straight home, it is not safe for us to be left in a hot car on these particularly warm days.
I hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July and the fireworks didn’t scare you too much! (I hide under the bed and have no shame).
Licks and slobbers,