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Scarecrow creation in full swing for annual festival

Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 9:38 am

Submitted to the Current

A small group of talented volunteers are fast at work creating some new and exciting scarecrows for Eureka’s 2017 Scarecrow Festival this fall. Members of the creative team pride themselves in using mostly recycled and repurposed items to produce the whimsical characters that line the streets of Eureka each October. Thousands of recycled plastic bags, hundreds of old plastic jugs, stacks and stacks of old newspapers and a lot of clothing that people are throwing away go into the creation of the scarecrows.
“People love the scarecrows,” said Barbara Scheer, the project creator. This spring, as our clothing inventory team went to the garage sales in the area, people would get excited when we told them we were scouting for scarecrow clothing and props. Many people commented how much they love the scarecrows and look forward to seeing them each year. It is always fun to see people walking through the town taking pictures with the colorful, fun characters.
Papier-mâché heads take over two weeks to create, as the process involves layers of glue and paper strips, and each layer has to thoroughly dry before the next one is applied. Then the head has to be painted and several coats of polyurethane are applied to protect it from moisture.
The creative team began working on the scarecrows in April, and right now the team is in the process of creating custom-ordered scarecrows from local businesses. The deadline for placing a custom order is July 31.