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Geisert’s Farm to You Market

Produce tastes best when picked in season

You might be able to pick up a tomato year-round at any large grocery store, but will it be a fresh tomato? Most likely it will not.  As a consumer, you want to get your produce when it’s in season—when it’s fresh, ripe, and has the best flavor.

Many large grocery stores provide the consumer with tomatoes that have been picked too early—when they are still green and unripe.  This is done because the tomatoes are shipped long distances and the hard, green tomatoes won’t bruise as easily.  I know you’re thinking, “Todd, the tomatoes aren’t green when I see them in the grocery store.”

At Farm to You Market all the produce picked has been naturally ripened in a local field.  Also, there is not a lot of shipping involved, since the fields are so close to our store.

Strawberry season has just ended, but there are so many other fruits ready to be freshly picked and in our store waiting for you. Blueberries are in season right now and blackberries and peaches will be ready to eat in late June.

July is the peak of fresh produce season—that’s when watermelons, cantaloupe, sweet corn and tomatoes are available in our store.

The best thing to do with fresh produce is to eat it on the spot or try out one of our Farm to You recipes for a delicious and colorful fruit or vegetable salad.  Of course, if you prefer, we can also provide you with guidance and recipes for canning, making jams, and other recipes that will allow you to enjoy the bountiful flavors of the summer throughout the year.

Make sure to stop by Farm to You Market for fresh produce and so much more!