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It’s a new world of camping

The magical mystery tours of RV travel continue to attract Americans. 2017 will be another record year for the industry. RVs are big business. Dealers who are looking to retire or have suffered during the recession are being consolidated into multi-lot networks. Traditional family-owned, local dealers are now competing with outside entities which mainly focus on the growing number of first-time buyers. Their selling model is quite different from the low-key, soft-selling of local business.
About 40 years ago, the fathers of several local RV dealers joined in an effort to promote the RV lifestyle and created the Midwest Gateway RV Dealers Association. Today those dealers remain strong and national consolidators have not been able to buy out those established local St. Louis-area dealerships.
Eastern Missouri cherishes local business, as evidenced by the predominance of local grocery companies versus national chains. The “Show Me” attitude is still alive in Missouri. Competitors are welcome, but one may notice a contrast in business models.
In our market, families are selling to families. One doesn’t have to submit their driver’s license or wait for an escort to browse through the selection of RVs. We don’t run your credit to determine what you qualify for. We don’t insist on your vitals so we can pepper you with emails and solicitations. There are no membership qualifications. Our prices are as low as the chains, although the perception of low prices is the primary selling tool of chains which target first-time buyers.
We believe that the price/value balance is the best way to shop for an RV. We believe buying local is best for you and best for Missouri. We are Byerly, the Center of the RV World since 1948. Visit us in Eureka or check our website,, and follow us on Facebook.