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Eureka Native Turns 95

Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 2:31 pm

By Julie Brown Patton
A 95-year-old Eurekan who called bingo for 30-plus years at Marymount Manor was acknowledged in a unique manner when she thought she was going to the facility to announce a “special bingo.” Little did she know how individually special the scheduled event was!
Dorothy “Dee” Savory, a Eureka resident who spent decades supporting the city’s growth and activities, was surprised on Aug. 13 with a birthday party and an official city proclamation by Eureka Ward 2 alderman Marilyn Leistner. The award proclaimed Aug. 14 as “Dee Savory Day” to coincide with the actual day she was born in 1922.
Leistner and Savory have been friends for the past 50 years. “She’s one of the most colorful and caring persons I know,” reflected Leistner.
The proclamation symbolizes that Eureka leaders, residents, employees, supporters and business owners are inspired by Savory’s lifelong commitment to the community, and want to offer her sincere best wishes for continued good health, happiness and an overflowing abundance of love and joy.
“Dee is respected and admired by all who know her, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have such an inspiration in the community,” said Eureka Mayor Kevin Coffey.
Members of The Wednesday Club of Eureka and Eureka Historical Society teamed up with Savory’s bingo friends and family from Kansas City, Mo., for the party, complete with a cake, themed decorations and balloons.
“Dee embodies exactly what The Wednesday Club is all about. She brings joy, wisdom and humor to our group,” said club historian Carolyn Parmer.
Janet Cowsert, Marymount Manor activities director, said she’s always appreciated how Savory would go on their outings and come dance with the residents.
This isn’t the first time city officials surprised this Eureka volunteer extraordinaire.
Dec. 21, 2010, was proclaimed as “Dee Savory Day” as well, however she did not know that until a proclamation was presented at the Eureka board of aldermen meeting that evening. Savory said she thought the city was recognizing something about one of her favorite organizations, the Eureka Historical Society. Instead, she found the spotlight turned on her.
“Eureka has a core of people who are very active and who have devoted a great part of their lives to the city,” said Coffey in 2010. “We wanted them to know we really care about them. Dee is one of those volunteers who deserve to be recognized for her extraordinary efforts.”
Savory has been active in the Eureka Senior Center and Meals on Wheels program. She has volunteered at the nursing home facility in various capacities, and was instrumental in obtaining Christmas street banners for the city.
She has sold items for The Wednesday Club Scholarship fund, and has been a member of the Eureka Historical Society since its inception.
Additionally, she has been active in numerous civic and charitable organizations over the years, such as American Legion Auxiliary, Southwestern Bell Retirees Group, and Sacred Heart Church.